You Just Know When Someone Has Hired Residential Interior Design

There’s a reason interior design exists. It’s because some people are simply good at making a room the most it can be. And when you walk into people’s homes, you can tell in a second if they’ve hired someone to handle their residential interior design.

What are these clues that you pick up on, and what are the easiest ways to tell if someone has had interior design help?

It’s inviting, for you and others: The first thing we notice about a room that’s been professionally designed is that it’s inviting. It’s a place you want to be, a place you imagine yourself spending your time. It’s when you walk into someone’s living room and say “I wish I had this in my home...I’d stay in this room all day long.”

It’s comfortable, no matter the occasion: Your home should be versatile. It should be comfortable when you’re alone and it should function well when you’re having a dinner party. It should have a place to feel cozy, but still feel spacious and free-flowing when you’re surrounded by twenty party guests.

It’s fancy, but still friendly: Some rooms are so over-designed that you’re not sure if you want to sit down for fear of ruining the ambiance. This is a flaw in the design, because it must be functional and make you still want to sit on the furniture. The best interior designers make rooms look good, but not so sterile that you’re afraid to use them.

When you’re looking for the best interior design services to help you make the most of your space, give Chelsea Design a call and we can help you decorate your home in ways that will make it fancy, comfortable and inviting.