Why Do Interior Design Firms Use Mirrors So Often?

When most people think of mirrors, they think about the plain mirror that they look into most often: the bathroom mirror. But when it come to residential interior design, mirrors serve a much greater range of functions. How can mirrors be used to improve your interior decorating?

To make a room look larger - If you have a small room, putting a large mirror in it is an excellent idea. It gives the room depth and makes it look larger, making people feel less claustrophobic. You can also get away with using fewer lights in the room, because you can use a mirror to...

Multiply or reflect light - If you have a dark corner, a mirror might just be the way catch the nearby light and brighten up your space. While you might think that a lamp might be the better way to light the room, you need to think of your house at every point in the day...you might want to lighten up that dark corner with reflected natural sunlight without having to turn on a lamp.

People like to look at themselves - People are generally self-centered and are always looking for a chance to preen. Whether it’s you or your guests, it will give them a chance to check themselves in the mirror without having to search for the bathroom

As a focal point - Many times the frame of a mirror is so beautiful that it’s not there to be useful...it’s there as piece of decoration itself. So be sure to have at least one mirror in your house that’s the decoration mirror, serving no other point than to look good.

Mirrors can be a wonderful addition to almost any room. Give the interior design firm that knows exactly how to use them a call today!