When You’re a Transplant, Interior Design Services Can Help You Feel At Home

As much as national design magazines would like you to believe it, design isn’t something that always translates from one location to another. What works well in a New York City apartment isn’t necessarily going to work well in a Florida hacienda. That’s why it’s always a good idea to hire a local interior design firm that can design the best space while taking into account where you live.

Why is it so important to hire residential interior designers who specialize in where you live?

Getting “The Local Look”

There’s a “feel” the matches the local community. This feeling can come from history, the surrounding culture, and local art. It’s also a great way of helping you feel more at ease with the culture if you’ve just moved.

Designing For the Amount of Space

If you’re moving from anywhere else in the United States to Florida or the Bahamas, it’s likely that you're going to experience a change in living space. Are you coming from that New York apartment mentioned above? You’ll most likely be able to fan out and have more space in your new tropical home. But if you’re moving from a large home in Texas, you might have to cut down on the amount of pieces that you ask us to work into your interior design. We can work with what you have and with any square footage you present us with.

Designing for the Climate

Local interior design firms can help you design for the climate. For instance, you might have decorated your log cabin in Montana with lots throw blankets draped over the back of dark leather couches. You probably won’t need those throws in our climate, and we certainly like bright colors to reflect the heat back outside.

Getting local interior design help is always a good idea when you move to a new location. Contact Chelsea Design as soon as you move in.