Top Interior Design Trends of 2015

Everyone knows that fashion trends and styles are always changing and evolving. Whether you are talking about clothing styles and trends or about interior design trends, fashion is never stagnant. While the team at Chelsea Design always tries to stick with styles that are sophisticated, classic, and timeless, interior design trends and styles are always going to evolve with the times. We are about halfway through the year 2015 and we have had the chance to see different interior design and home decorating trends emerge and gain momentum. According to, the following are some of the year’s most popular home design trends and styles:

Image of couch and chairs

Mixing Old and Modern

One of the most popular interior design trends of 2015 is mixing old and modern styles in a room. Whether you have an old table with modern chairs or if you have a vintage bathtub with modern bathroom accents and details, mixing these two styles adds a chic look and feel to your room.

Black Around Windows

Another major design trend is to showcase the large, beautiful windows in your home. You can do this by leaving them free from any window treatments or, as of late, you can also do so by adding black trim around your windows. Think of it like a woman putting on eyeliner to accentuate her eyes. This trend will continue to gain popularity as the year goes on.

Statement Light Fixtures

More and more people are starting to entertain the idea of making their light fixtures part of the design of a room. Rather than just providing light when necessary, many people are investing in statement light fixtures that also serve as a work of art.

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