Tips for Picture Perfect Walls

In our most recent blog, we gave you a few helping you bring any room together, we thought we would cover some tips and tricks for arranging your wall art. Wall art does a lot to bring a living space to life. From photographs to shelves, your walls are a key piece to the design of your living space. At Chelsea Design, we specialize in residential interior design and we are dedicated to helping Florida residents create the home of their dreams.

Bold Color

Okay, we know that we just said to stick with softer, lighter colors if you want to open up a room, but that doesn't mean you can’t have a boldly colored accent wall. This can add a lot to your space and it can serve as a great backdrop for any wall art you choose, whether it’s a mirror or a decorative frame.

3D Pieces

We mentioned that mixing up textures and styles does a lot for the interior design of your space. This goes for wall art, as well. While photographs look great alone, you can amp any wall arrangement by adding a few bold 3D pieces. This offers your space a little variety and will keep the viewers eyes moving throughout the room.

Mixed Media

Let’s say, as part of your design, you want a wall that is full of photographs. If you are going to do something like this, be sure to mix up the media. Get a good mixture of frame styles and frame sizes going for your design. Also, try mixing up the frame shapes. Again, this will add some variety to your design and keep it aesthetically pleasing.