The Importance of Professional Commercial Interior Design

Whether you’re opening a new hotel or redesigning your office space, you don’t want to ignore commercial interior design. It’s important to choose designs that will match the architecture, work well with you daily tasks, and impress customers and clients.

Chelsea Design understand all of these needs, and that’s why we focus on the following while performing professional interior design services.



First of all, we know how important it is to work with the client in order to find out exactly what they want. How much seating is needed? Will the tables be used extensively or are they mostly for decoration? We’ll want to know as much about how the space will be used as possible. Second, we also find it important to work with architects so that our design can match the design of the building as much as possible.


If you contact us for interior design help with a hotel lobby, you know very well that you’re going to need chairs that hold up to constant traffic. You can’t have them busting at the seams within months, annoying your customers and wasting your money. We’ll make sure you get the durability you need.


No matter how much money your business brings in, you still don’t want to waste money. That’s why we’ll find you the best value available without sacrificing design or durability.

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For more than a decade, Chelsea Designs has been created professional hotel and office spaces. These designs have been successful on both an aesthetic and a practical level. We understand how each of these play with and against each other and will always pay attention to the needs of the customer looking for excellent value durability. Contact us when you need the best commercial interior design around.