Redecorating Your Interior On a Budget

Have you ever wanted to amp up the style of your living or dining room, but knew for sure that you couldn’t do it without having to spend a small fortune? So have we. While hiring a residential interior design company in Miami may not be an option, there are ways you can redesign your home’s interior and give it the look you have been dreaming of, all while staying within your budget. We have a few tips for redecorating your home on a budget.


If you keep up with our blogs, you are probably now aware that we believe that the right paint color can completely transform the look of any room and the best part is, it is something you can do yourself! If you are hoping to add a hint of luxury and sophistication to your room, you may want to go with a neutral hue. This will add a crisp, high fashion look to any room.

It’s All In the Details

If you are tired of your kitchen looking cheap and unoriginal, try changing up the hardware finishes. Many homes come with drawer handles and faucets that are cheap and look exactly like your next-door neighbor’s. If you want to add a custom look to your kitchen or bathroom, change out these drawer pulls with more unique pieces. You can find one-of-a-kind drawer pulls at different hardware stores, other specialty shops, or even flea markets and antique shops. Try also switching out the faucets for something a little more unique. This will add a look of sophistication and still fit within your budget.


Just like with the drawer pulls and faucets, many homes come with run-of-the-mill lighting fixtures that do nothing to add to the look of your home. Try swapping these out for more original fixtures that have a unique designer look. No, you don’t have to hit up those high-end lighting stores. Stick to the antique shops, flea markets, and other specialty stores to find fabulous fixtures that are affordable.