Liven Up Your Living Space With These Interior Design Tips and Tricks

In our most recent blog, we discussed a few spruce up any room in your home. At Chelsea Design, we provide interior design services to residents and businesses in Miami. If you are looking for a way to give your home a little design pick-me-up, we have some great interior design tips and tricks that are sure to complete the look of your home.

Image of kitchen


While painting a room may not seem like it does much, the color you choose actually has a huge effect on the overall feeling of the room. If you want a room to feel larger and more open, try utilizing softer and lighter colors. A darker, bolder color will shrink the room and make it feel smaller so, try to stay away from these kinds of colors for smaller areas in your home.


Not only do mirrors offer a beautiful, decorative element to a room, but they make any space feel larger and more open. Decorative mirrors also add light to your space. If you have a smaller room that does not have much natural light, mirrors are a perfect way to brighten things up!

Mix Things Up

The key to interior design is mixing things up. Mix patterns, textures, and styles. There is nothing wrong with combining old with new and mixing fabrics and colors. A mix of colors and styles will bring any room or living space together.

Whether you are looking to spice up a room or if you are redoing your entire kitchen, the design team at Chelsea Design has the experience and knowledge to create the living space of your dreams.