How To Get The Most Out Of Small Spaces

Every room in your home should make you happy and contribute to the feel of your home. While it’s easy to decorate and design a large kitchen or a spacious bedroom, the smaller rooms of a home often go without getting too much attention, because of their small-room feel. But, with a little help and proper residential interior design, a small room can feel spacious. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your small spaces.


Taking advantage of the little space you do have will give your small space a big-room feel. One way of doing this is by adding floor-to-ceiling bookcases or a wall-to-wall desk or counter. Doing so will make your ceilings seem taller and your walls seem longer while still providing great amounts of storage space.


Stick to neutral and light color palettes when it comes to painting your small spaces. If you’re thinking about painting all of your walls, leaving the trim and ceiling white will also give a feeling that your ceilings are higher than they are. This is also possible by painting your ceiling an accent color and leaving the remaining walls white or simply adding an accent wall.


In small rooms you’d think of putting small furniture, but usually one large piece of furniture can make a room feel bigger. Go for furniture with legs, the open space below makes a room look open. Also, incorporating furniture that can have multiple functions, such as an ottoman, adds functionality and space to a room.

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