Fixtures Vs. Furniture...Which Would You Hire An Interior Design Firm For?

At Chelsea Design, we would like to design/redesign your entire home. There are few things we like more than to be introduced to a space and hear “get to it.”

But maybe you want us to focus on the more permanent aspects of the home (like fixtures), while you choose the movable items (like furniture). Maybe it’s the other way around. Or maybe you’re wondering “when I hire an interior design firm, should I have them focus on fixtures or furniture?” Here are a few thoughts

Fixtures: Fixtures tend to stick around for longer. Chandeliers and pot racks are permanently affixed to your ceiling, while refrigerators and ranges might last a decade or more. So if you’re more likely to change your furniture sooner than your fixtures, you might want to spend time with a professional interior design business making sure that the fixtures you buy will last (design-wise) well into the the future.

On the other hand, some people just love their...

Furniture: If you buy high-quality furniture, it might outlast your appliances! If you’re style hasn’t changed much over the years, you might find the perfect couch for you that you’ll be happy with for the rest of your life. Or you might be more interested in entertaining than in cooking, so you might need an interior design firm to help you reselect your furniture choices every few years.

But please, don’t make us choose! We’d love to tackle both aspects of your home to turn it into the space you’ve always wanted. Give Chelsea designs a call today!