Creating A Cozy, Rustic Kitchen

Rustic country designs are becoming increasingly popular in the interior design world. Cozy yet elaborate living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens complete with natural, slightly worn and distressed furnishings along with modern elements and details give the country look a new and appealing twist. This is not your grandmother’s country style kitchen. Here are a few residential interior design tips to help create your own intimate escape from the fast-paced Miami life:

Image of kitchen decor

Light Wood

Dark wood seems to be an interior design favorite. Although darker wood offers a bold, beautiful look, sometimes it can be too intense for smaller kitchens with limited lighting. So, instead of going with dark wood, consider utilizing painted or bleached white wood. Lighter colored wood offers a light and airy feel without losing the rustic appeal. It also helps smaller rooms appear to be larger and more open.


Who ever said that wood was the only natural element you could use in your home? Stone can be an amazing feature to add to your rustic kitchen. Whether you add stone accents or if you decide to cover an entire wall with gorgeous river rock, stone elements offer a luxurious yet rustic look to any room. Even a simple granite counter top can transform your kitchen.

Worn Paint

Aged, worn, and chipping paint is essential to any rustic room design. It offers a very relaxed and comforting feel to your kitchen. You can find rustic, painted pieces at most fleas markets, as well as some antique shops. If you have a hard time with worn and chipped paint, feel free to repaint your pieces, but be sure to leave the other imperfections in order to maintain that rustic feel.