3 Ways An Interior Design Firm Can Make You Happy

They say that money can’t buy happiness. But how you spend you money can certainly affect your mood, and the best interior designers can make sure to design your living space in order to raise the mood as much as possible.

Colors: Colors affect mood much more than most people realize. Reds get the blood going, so it’s best to keep them away from a room in which you want to relax. A certain type of pink called Baker-Miller Pink (think Pepto-Bismol) actually slows your heart rate and loosens your muscles. And yellow can actually make you happier, though it has to be used sparingly as it can cause people to raise their voices!

Light: When you were in a superstore like Walmart or Target 30 years ago, you’d find a small light bulb display. Today you go to the light bulb aisle, where there are hundreds of choices. When it comes to lighting, it takes an expert to know just where to use what kind of bulb.

Light makes a difference in how you feel, so choosing the right lamp with the right bulb (with the light coming from the right direction) can go a long way to making your home as comfortable as possible.

Layout: Whether or not your believe in the spiritual aspects of Feng Shui, there are ways to design a room so that it just feels more comfortable and inviting. Furniture can be placed to get the most natural sunlight or to avoid the sun while you read in a comfortable alcove. Living room furniture must feel equally comfortable when you’re having guest or when you're alone.

Feel as comfortable as possible in your home when your hire the best interior design firm available. Trust in Chelsea Design to get you the most mood for your money...contact us today!