3 Common Interior Design Faux Pas

Let’s face it, we would all like to think we are fabulous interior designers and decorators. With sites, such as Pinterest, we have immediate access to thousands of interior design and decorating ideas, tips, and tricks, as well as an endless number of home DIY projects. This brings outs the designer in everyone. However, if you are hoping to create a truly unique residential interior design for your Miami home, there are a few rookie design mistakes that every DIYer should avoid.

  1. No Variety- There is nothing wrong with purchasing from your favorite retailer, but it is always important to add a little variety, especially when it comes to interior design and decorating. Although it is everyone’s dream to have their home look like something out of Pinterest or a magazine, you also want it to be unique to your style. To add a little variety, try purchasing your key piece from a different retailer.
  2. Poor Furniture Placement- Many of us typically place our sofas or chairs along a wall or in the corner of a room because it's easy. This is a fairly common interior design mistake. Although it may look alright, it does not necessarily support the flow of the room. When you are deciding where to place your furniture, it is important to think of the activities that occur in each room and arrange your furniture accordingly.
  3. Live with a Mistake- Everyone makes mistakes and while you may have to live with some of them, that is not the case with interior design mistakes. Did you purchase a piece of furniture simply for its practicality? Did you select a paint color that looked awesome in a picture, but not so awesome on your walls? Don’t be afraid to change things up and fix your mistakes! Even if you already spent money on it, we guarantee that you will thank yourself later for biting the bullet and creating an interior that you genuinely love.

We respect the do-it-yourselfers out there, but we also respect those who choose to call in the professionals. After all, some interior design projects are just too big to do it yourself. If you need some help taking your home’s interior from drab to fab, call the team of designers at Chelsea Design.